I have always loved historical fiction and can remember reading about Blackbeard as a kid. So naturally, this was a fun read for me. I think that the national geographic page was not only informative but also very entertaining. I think kids would really like this page. I also really enjoyed reading The No-So-Jolly-Roger. I think this is a really cute book, I just felt like it was really short. I think every kid would enjoy and relate to the characters of Joe, Fred, and Sam. I think this is such a great and interesting unit so far. I am having fun with it! 🙂


I absolutely agree with this Artical, I think that Social Studies is usually a boring task for students filled with textbook readings and endless worksheets. This is also something that they dread and soon forget after regurgitating information for a test. I think that supplying children with history through creative resources such as music, fiction, non-fiction, and internet resources allows for students to really learn and get excited about a subject. I think students are already interested and excited about pirates, so I think students will really enjoy this unit.


Every time I go running,

they are on my feet.

Blue and Silver,

Pitter Pattering on the pavement,

holding tight to my feet.

bobby pins

bobby pins

Small and Blond,

keeps the hair out of my face.

Floods my book bag, purse, and nightstand.

Cheap and practical.

the bible
the bible

an old book that has taught me so much,

guided me through dark times,

and brings hope and love to me every night,


between me

and the one I love the most.

Anna Corinne Agnew

First things first, let’s start with Anna. I was named after my Grandmother, JoAnne and my Aunt JoAnna. It is a horrible name, and I have always hated it because I don’t think it fits me. When I was two, I was given the nickname Annie; mainly because I was developing some red in my blond hair along with the curls that were already there. Plus, my parents thought “it was cute and fit my personality”, as I was always in trouble and going on adventures of my own. Anyway, the name stuck and I can’t remember my family ever calling me by my first name. I was called Annie all the way through Elementary School. Most of everyone at home (including the doctor and dentist) call me Annie. When my boyfriend first met my family, he thought it was cute and now calls me Annie as well.

My middle name is Corinne and it is strange. It is pronounced Cor-in. It has been pronounced everything from Crayon to Koran. My Great-Grandmother’s name was Corinne. I pretty sure she actually came from Sweden, if not her, then her parents did. I think this is neat and unique, which is why I love my middle name. Although, I have heard that Corinne (the first) was quite a hag, I still think it is neat to have carried a family name.

My last name is Agnew. My Dad gave it to me 🙂 I don’t really know the heritage on that side of the family but the name is either French or Greek. The Agnew’s have been here for a long time and we are muts, we have a bit of everything in us.

I like the idea of writing about the History of the student’s name. this will give the students some pride in who they are and as the book suggests, it will make each students feel special. I also like the idea of writing from a good/bad list. this will allow for children to talk about the things that they like the most, and the things that bother them the most. I think it is important to allow for students to see writing as a release for stress and a way to vent excitement. I think that writing about personal questions each student has is also a great and fun idea. I liked the one insert about a student asking about if Adam and Eve had bellybuttons. I always like to hear some of the funny things that kids say and would be interested to see what questions kids have a bout life so far.I think writing from a word could be fun, especially around the holidays or a special event. Lifting a sentence is a great idea too because it allows for students to go more in depth on something that they like about what they have written. I also think this will make students feel good about their writing.

When I first started reading this book, I was amazed about how easy it is to read. She made a text book almost feel like a novel. This is great because I always find it so hard to fallow instructional books like this. I think the Author purposed a idea about using Writer’s Notebooks in the classroom. The purpose is that it allows for the student to become more fluent in writing and for writing to come more natural just as reading does the more one reads. As a future teacher of writing, I will want my students to be great writers-and not just for the sake of a competency test, but for the fact that it is a professional way to communicate. I communicate through writing to my boss, my professors, and family. Writing is a art that will be carried out throughout the rest of one’s professional career, and personal life. I think the Author’s use of launching the notebook is a great idea. The children need to see writing (as well as reading) as something fun, not something the have to do. I would like to present the notebook to kids maybe after reading a some of my notebook or reading a novel written in journal form. I think this would encourage students, and they would see writing as something cool. I am a very organized person, and I hope to encourage that in my classroom. This is one thing I would do differently from the Author. I would break the journal into several areas, where the students can clearly understand what goes where and where to find things. I think this would save a lot of frustration for me and the students.

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